Commercial Concrete

Commercial Concrete

We at W.E. Beaty Inc. offer a range of commercial foundation services, with a focus on footings, for builders and contractors. Our advanced machinery can do a large selection of jobs fast, clean and level. Below are capabilities we offer to start your commercial building project off on the right foot.


We have the ability to dig up to 24” wide and 36” deep. At this width, we can dig 15-20 lineal ft/minute. Our machinery provides a clean and level cut and dirt is thrown 5’ from the pad.

Exterior Concrete

We have the ability to take care of any and all of your exterior concrete needs, including but not limited to: different forms of curb, parking pads, entrywalks, dumpster pads.

Stem Walls

We offer a range of aluminum forms that can be poured on top of the foundation, giving us the ability to customize to your various-sized commercial applications from job to job.

Interior Slabs

We pour and finish interior slabs for commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes. We employ laser screeds to ensure proper alignment and leveled floors every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about your products and/or services?

Please send us an email at

Can I use salt and De-Icers on my driveway?

No, salt and de-icers will damage the concrete and will void any warranty you may have had.  We recommend shoveling the snow off of the concrete and using sand or kitty litter for traction.

Is concrete maintenance free?

No.  concrete must be cleaned, and a high quality, penetrating sealer applied each year. We recommend applying the sealer each Fall to give the concrete maximum protection from the winter and deicing chemicals that have been applied to the roadways.


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